How to naturally increase your breast size

I’ve always had smaller breasts than I would have liked. Granted they weren’t as small as they are now.

How to Naturally Increase Your Breast Size

When I got pregnant, they plumped up a little. Certainly not as much as all the other chicks I’ve known.

Everybody kept telling me that my boobs would get (and stay) larger if I breastfed. So, of course breastfeeding sounded like the best course of action.

Nope! My breasts actually decreased in size from breastfeeding. Man was that disappointing. Shit happens; what can you do?

My Quest For Bigger Breasts

I’m not interested in getting plastic surgery to have bigger boobs. I don’t want fake, weird shit in my body.

I want naturally larger breasts without surgery and chemicals. But I couldn’t figure out how in the world to do that.

At one points, I wondered if they could just take some fat from my butt or my evil hips and use that. Sounded possible. But there we are, right back at liposuction and surgery. Not my cup of tea.

So over the years, I’ve been doing research here and there, trying to figure out a natural way to make my boobs bigger.

Note: The most important thing to remember is that the only quick way to increase your breast size is to get breast implants. If that’s not something you want to do, then be patient and consistent. Give things time to get into your body and allow them to do their job, nothing is going to happen overnight. It’s that simple, so stay focused on the end result and do what needs to be done (consistently) to get yourself there.

Weight Gain

Aside from the fact that I’m needing to lose weight in the first place, this one is a toss up. I’ve gained weight (and lost it) more times than I can count—and never once has it gone to my boobs.

Everyone’s body is different and so is the distribution of new fat cells in the body. Just because one person gains weight and it all goes to their tits, doesn’t mean it will work for everybody.

If you’re interested in trying to gain weight to see if your boobs will get bigger, make sure you’re already at a healthy weight and relatively fit. If not, you’re just making yourself get fat. Duh!

If all else fails and my other options below don’t work, I will try this as a last resort after losing weight and getting my body in shape…and only then. It hasn’t worked in the past, so I highly doubt it will work in the future by gaining extra weight.

Weight Loss

Most women’s breast decrease (shrink) in size when losing weight. Not all of them, just as weight gain doesn’t always work for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to lose weight because you don’t want your breasts to shrink. That is just retarded!

If you’re overweight and know you need to lose weight, suck it up and deal with the consequences later. There are always options to increase your breast size later. Plus, your boobs will look much sexier with a healthy body.

Sometimes losing weight can actually make some boobs look larger. I’m assuming that this is because all that excess fat around your chest and stomach is gone—which will better display your breasts.

The Natural Alternatives For Bigger Boobs

No weird boob growth pills or surgery here, no sir. Just natural goodness with the potential to increase your breast size.

Now, for the disclaimer: I am not a doctor or anything that could be considered a professional to give such advice. I’m merely sharing the spoils of my endless search for naturally larger breasts. Check with a doctor before doing anything on this blog, especially if you have some sort of issue or are pregnant. Common sense people; I’m just a regular girl like everybody else. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, onto the goods.

#1 Soy Isoflavones Supplements – The recommended dosage (of this particular product <if you click on the link>) is 1 capsule per day. So what I would do is try this once a day for about 3 to 4 months. If after 3 or 4 months I didn’t see any change, then I would increase it to 2 capsules split between lunch and dinner. Obviously I would drink a crap-ton of water everyday as well.

#2 Fenugreek Seed Supplements – The recommended dosage (of this particular product <if you click on the link>) is 2 capsule 2-3 times a day. So I would take 2 capsules with breakfast, lunch and dinner and continue to do so for 3-4 months. If after 3 or 4 months I didn’t see any change, then I would increase it to either 3 or 4 capsules with each meal. Obviously, just like above I would drink a crap-ton of water everyday as well.

#3 Soy Beans Sprouts – Sprouted seeds usually have much higher contents of the good stuff you get from the non-sprouted seeds. So, I would assume that sprouted soybeans would be a great way to get a higher dose of booby-growing-goodness. You can eat this by the handful, in (or as) a salad, on a sandwich and much more.

#4 Fenugreek Sprouts – Same as the soybean sprouts above.

I’m not sure whether doing both (Soybean & Fenugreek) at once would be helpful or not, so you would have to decide that on your own. Personally, I would try one at a time. That way I would know for sure which one was the winner.

New to Sprouting?

If you’re new to sprouting, it’s not that difficult, most sprouting seeds come with instructions on the package or as a brochure.

Basically, you buy the sprouting seeds and a Seed Sprouter (the link is to the one I use and love), rinse the seeds, soak the seeds overnight in a dish of water, rinse the next morning, put them in the sprouter and give them a rinse of water twice a day.


Then you just gently shake them in a bowl of water (to remove the hulls) when they’re ready to harvest. See, not too difficult.


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