I HATE my hips!

I really hate my hips! If my hips weren’t so big, I wouldn’t look so fat.

Not that I’m “oh, my gosh—how did she get through the door” fat, but enough to still be considered fat. And it all starts with the hips.

Now I’m not saying that the rest of me is slim as shit, but the hips are the worst. They make me look wide (wide load coming through) and it offsets everything else.

Where is this coming from today? The cool weather got me in the mood to throw on some adorable winter boots, warm fitted black leggings and a cute as hell skirt. There might also be a cute black top involved as well, but that’s beside the point.

So I put on this cute, cozy ensemble and felt comfy and gorgeous…until I looked in mirror. Ick! What the hell was I thinking???

From the thighs down, I look absolutely cute. But that’s where it stops. As the eyes take in the whole picture (or veer up from the thighs), it’s just a mess.

My hips are so big that it throws everything off and ruins the outfit. I tried pairing it with a hip-length black open sweater. All that did was add more mass to the dreaded hip region.

Stupid hips! I hate you. Hate, hate, hate!


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